3 top software for bankruptcy attorneys

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3 top software for bankruptcy attorneys

Bankruptcy practice is promising to lots of clients even though its complexity is usually intimidating for some lawyers who do not plan on specializing. Therefore, bankruptcy software is important in filling this gap. When selecting the software, at least you will have to select something that will streamline the entire process and also prepare bankruptcy petitions.

Three bankruptcy attorney’s software

The following are some of the best bankruptcy attorney software in the market:

1. Best Case®

This software streamlines the entire petition preparation process and electronic filing process for chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15. To do this, it utilizes calculators, wizards and workflow tools. To use the software you only need to:

. Enter your client’s data into its intuitive interface
. Use the Means Test Calculator to compute the presumption of abuse
. Use ECF Wizard to prepare for electronic filing.

Moreover, with the software you will be able to walk through petition preparation, apply Means Test provisions, import data with the workflow tools and file a case electronically with OneTouch.

Learn more here: https://bestcase.com/

2. 1ClickBankruptcy.com

This is another complete resource for attorneys to accurately complete any needed bankruptcy form to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With this bankruptcy software, you can easily handle your business or personal bankruptcy filing online. It allows you to select latest bankruptcy exemptions, complete calculations as you type and finally Save and Print all needed forms for your district and state directly form your computer. The software is:

. Fast and secure
. Features state specific exemptions
. Has the latest updates for the year 2016 and
. Offer online help and customer support center

The site includes easier to understand bankruptcy content which will help you familiarize yourself with the in’s and out’s of bankruptcy process.

Discover 1clickbankruptcy for yourself

3. StratusBK

StratusBK has managed to change how bankruptcy firms achieve practice management success and has also simplified the whole process. With StratusBK you will manage your firm in an entirely different approach. The software handles the back and front office tasks in a smarter, simpler and more efficient manner. StratusBK utilizes a central engine which drives, accelerates and also governs a law firm into the future.

Deciding on the software for bankruptcy attorneys to select

You have to decide on the right product for you. Bankruptcy attorney software are purposely designed for a particular purpose. Therefore, you will have to decide on which is most ideal for your practice. After you get past the basics, all products will offer their own package of extras which might be important in your practice. Decide on the number of individuals in your office will use the product. What’s more, you will have to consider post-filing forms during your purchase, such as motions to convert. Also check whether you are comfortable with the forms which come with the software package; whether you are comfortable with how you will be doing the edits; and whether you are comfortable with all the functions you require in your practice.

Learn about this software developed for Debtstoppers by Robert Semrad of Chicago.

Most software will offer free demos and therefore remember to check how the post-filing works – not petition alone. Some software will not work in your district and therefore you will have to check whether it is compatible with all the courts you often appear in. Having a product which doesn’t work with your district’s court filing system won’t make sense.